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Before we met Carolyn, my son was diagnosed with severe dyslexia at the beginning of 4th grade. While he had received more intervention through his private school than he would have received in the public school system (including intervention and private tutoring in the summer), we continued to struggle to bring him up to grade level. It seemed as though the gap was widening and he was quickly getting a soured education experience.


Then my son started tutoring with Carolyn in the middle of his 5th grade year. Carolyn and the Barton System have changed his view of school. He enjoys learning and is re-developing an interest in reading.


We are finally seeing the gap close. When we started with Carolyn, he was 2 ½ grades behind in skill level. After working with Carolyn for the last half of 5th grade, he tested only a semester behind.  He looks forward to his sessions and has a new found sense of pride in all that he does academically.


When nothing else seemed to work, tutoring with Carolyn has helped him tremendously. 

B.S. - mother of a 6th grader



Carolyn Schultz is a very kind and sympathetic person. She listens carefully and asks questions. My son was struggling in school and we thought he might be dyslexic. We asked Carolyn if she could screen him for dyslexia. 


When Carolyn screened my son, she made it as fun as possible and never made him feel like something was wrong with him. She focused on his strengths, while figuring out his weaknesses.


I would highly recommend Carolyn if you have any concerns about dyslexia. She is very knowledgeable and a wonderful teacher. 

T.L. - mother of a 4th grader

Carolyn Schultz has been a valuable resource to our school and students. She has an in-depth understanding of student development, particularly in the area of reading.  She is extremely professional and devotes a great amount of care to the students she is working with.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mrs. Schultz and give her my highest recommendation.

Brock Carpenter, Principal, Sacred Heart Catholic School




We have had two children tutored by Carolyn.  She has a calm and positive manner about her which put the kids at ease.  The Barton System, combined with Carolyn's positive attitude, provided a safe environment where they could learn effectively. As a home-schooling mom, the most positive outcome was to see my son's confidence increase over the school year.  This affected not only his education, but his overall outlook.

M.S. - home schooling mother of a 6th grader and 4th grader




Our experience with Carolyn and the Barton tutoring program has been nothing but positive thus far. The Barton program is very thorough, methodical, and accessible for my 7-year-old.


My son enjoys working with Carolyn - she is able to balance hard work during the sessions and fun for a wiggly little boy. Our family is looking forward to continued positive tutoring results.

S.P. - home schooling mother of a 1st grader

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