While some parents need or want a screening for a variety of reasons, it is not absolutely necessary before beginning tutoring. But you must educate yourself on dyslexia and strongly suspect it before starting tutoring. Please watch the videos here to learn more about dyslexia and whether it may be the cause of your child's learning difficulties.


Full Screening - $500

Through this screening, I will determine if your child fits the classic dyslexia profile. I determine this by:

  • Conducting an interview with one or both parents/guardians.

  • Conducting a full records review of all school records and prior testing.

  • Examining current schoolwork samples.

  • Administering 9 screening tests directly to your child.

  • Analyzing all information and presenting it to you at a meeting in a comprehensive 12-page report.


Intervention Screening - $100

This type of screening is typically conducted for schools who are qualifying children for an early intervention program. It can also be done for private families. Through this screening, I will determine if your child needs intensive tutoring intervention.  I determine this by:

  • Conducting an interview with one or both parents/guardians.

  • Administering 3 screening tests directly to your child.

  • I will share my findings with you verbally and through email. No report is included in this screening.


The Process

If you are interested in learning more about screenings, please watch the informational videos created by Susan Barton. I require parents to view these videos before I will screen your child. I want to be sure that it is very likely that your child is dyslexic before I start the process, so I don't waste your time and money. After watching the videos, parents usually have a much better idea on whether their child may fit the classic dyslexia profile.


After watching the videos, if you think your child might fit the dyslexia profile and want to know for sure, please contact me for further information about the screenings I offer.


Hearing and Vision Tests

Before screening, every child must first get a hearing and vision test to make sure a deficit does not exist in either of those areas. 

When It's Appropriate to Screen

  • Homeschool - Home-schooling parents who want to know if their child fits the classic dyslexia profile.

  • Private School - Parents of children in a private school may choose to screen if their school is flexible and open to providing accommodations. Some private schools will also allow students to be privately tutored during the school day.

  • Public School - Parents of children in public schools may choose to screen simply because they want to know if their child fits the classic profile of dyslexia. Please note: public schools will NOT accept my screening to qualify your child for Special Ed, an IEP, or a 504 plan.

  • Early Intervention Programs - Some private schools choose to screen in order to qualify students for an Early Intervention Program.


When it's NOT Appropriate to Screen

In certain circumstances, I am not qualified to screen a child. These circumstances occur when there is a history of:

  • significant prenatal issues.

  • significant difficulties during the birthing process.

  • significant health difficulties.

  • abuse/neglect.

  • some foreign country adoptions.

  • intellectual disability.


In addition, my screening will NOT be accepted for accommodations on state standards testing, the SAT or ACT, in college, at your job, or on a  professional licensing exam.